Sweet and Simple DIY Valentine's Day Decorations

Below is a cute training for Valentine's. It's easy to make and can be an excellent surprise for someone you love. This kind of is what you will need to have and do.

• a can of solid white spray paint;
• a roll of double sided tape;
• glass bottles;
• a couple sheets of double sided colored paper;
• perforator;

Things to complete this decorative project are fairly easy. You commence by punching holes in the colored paper. Continue with spray painting the containers you wish to beautify. Then, wrap tape around them. It's recommended you circle each bottle for 3 times, to make it look good. Consider the circles of newspaper and sprinkle them on a table. Then, pick up each bottle and spin it through the ornamental circles. Place as attraction on a table or on the counter to make your home Valentines day Day friendly.

Source project  ; www.paperandcake.com